Case Results

In re Livne Trust (Case Details)

Trustee, breach of fiduciary duty, accounting, asset mismanagement.

Amini v Asia (Case Details)

Major auto accident, significant trauma, $4.7m judgment.

Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP v Michael Berguin (Case Details)

Breach of personal guaranty.

Judith Welles Waltman v Transamerica Life Insurance Company (Case Details)

Interpleader action. Life insurance proceeds. Elder Abuse.

Corlin v MacInnis (Case Details)

Real Estate Litigation. Oral contracts. Statute of Fraud. Statute of Limitations. Equitable Liens. Constructive Trust. Unjust Enrichment. Common Counts. Declaratory Relief. Partition. Accounting.

Granados v Velvet (Case Details)

Wage and Hour Class Action. Defense. Release of Claims.

Step-Sons v Step-Mother (Case Details)

Corporate Governance. Operating Agreement. Buy-Sell. Shareholders Agreement.

Sheipe v Bander (Case Details)

Anti-SLAPP Action. Malicious Prosecution. Infliction of Emotional Distress. Appeal. Judgment Collection. Judgment Debtor Examination.

Katzir's Floor and Home Design, Inc., v. & Peter Sommer, (2004 9th Circuit) 394 F.3d 1143 (Case Details)

Alter Ego. Successor Liability. Piercing the Corporate Veil. Breach of Contract. Equipment Purchase. Warranty.

Epstein v. Abrams, (1997, 2nd Dist., Div. 4) 57 Cal.App.4th 1159; 67 Cal.Rptr.2d 555, (Case Details)

Attorney Lien Rights. Non-competition Agreement.

Hadi "Max" Falahati & Sharon Gilmour Falahati, v. John J. Savay & Janet S. Young (Case Details)

Business dispute. Slander. Libel.

Blair v. Jo Jo's Limousine Service (Case Details)

Auto v Pedestrian Personal Injury

Heidi Hutchinson Apple v. Jeffrey Apple & Emergent Media (Case Details)

Business Dispute. Breach of Contract. Corporate Formalities. Mis-use of funds. Marvin v Marvin pre-marital breach of contract. Constructive trust. Fraud. Deceit. Professional Negligence. Breach of Fiduciary Duty. Breach of Contract. Constructive Trust. Accounting. Fraud. Shareholder Derivative Action

Doe Company v. Roe Manufacturer (Case Details)

Business to Business Dispute. Breach of Contract. Breach of Express Warranty. Breach of Implied Warranty.

Doe Pedestrian v. Roe Building Owner (Case Details)

Slip and Fall. Surgery.

Doe Passenger v. Roe Driver (Case Details)

Single Auto Rollover

Doe v. Roe Delivery Corporation (Case Details)

Wrongful Death. Auto v Auto. Negligent Hiring. Negligent Training.

Schneider v. Katzir Floor and Home Design, Inc. (Case Details)

Negligence. Strict Liability. Homeowner Liability. Scaffolding Collapse.

Devore v. Massachusetts Casualty (Case Details)

Disability Insurance Claim. Negligent Misrepresentations. Fraud.

Plastic Dress Up Company v. Gerber (Case Details)

Professional Negligence. Breach of Contract.

Wagstaff v. Farmers Insurance (Case Details)

Auto v Pedestrian Personal Injury. Dillon v Legg Emotional Distress

Doe Claimant v. Roe Bank (Case Details)

Bank Negligence. Invasion of Privacy. Breach of Contract. Financial Privacy

Doe Claimant v. Corporation (Case Details)

Distribution Agreement. Breach of Contract.

ASPC v. Marshall (Case Details)

Breach of Contract. Monies Owed.

Jane Doe v. Keystone (Case Details)

Slip and Fall Personal Injury.

Logudice v. Continental C. Express (Case Details)

Auto v Truck Personal Injury.

Doe Family Trust v. Roe Securities Company (Case Details)

Securities Mediation. Churning. Excessive Trading.

Plastic Dress-Up Company v. Applied Membrane Technology (Case Details)

Business v Business. Breach of Warranty. Manufacturing Equipment failure.

Prudential Property & Casualty Co. v. Barragan (Case Details)

Insurance Dispute. Homeowners Claims. Breach of Contract. Fraud. Misrepresentation.

Soll v. Simon (Case Details)

Breach of Contract

Pastor v. ERI International (Case Details)

Permanent Injunction. Sherman Act, 5 U.S.C. §1-7 (Conspiracy). 1996 Espionage Act 18 U.S.C. §1832 (Stealing secrets). Malicious Destruction of Business (Business and Professions Code §17045-17048).

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